2011 TNT BBS


I've raced on the San Francisco Bay since 2001. I was most recently bowman on the Tripp '43 TNT, winners of the Rolex Big Boat Series in 2011 (IRC B). That's me up front in the white hat and grey lifejacket. Before TNT I spent five years on 1D35s, a few years on Express 37s, and a whole variety of boats in between. Next up: teaching my two boys to sail.

1972 Porsche 911 T

I bought the car in Phoenix in 2001 and drove her back to San Francisco. ~60K original miles, E-cams, near-perfect bodywork, and a joy to drive. I fell in love and did a bunch of work on the car but ultimately couldn't keep her in garage-scarce San Francisco. Happily, in 2010 I sold her back to her previous owner. It's a small world.

1972 Porsche T - front 1972 Porsche T - front quarter 1972 Porsche T - rear


I love word games. Scrabble and its variants, Wordle, Bananagrams, crossword puzzles. I even built a Scrabble tile tracker.


The following inspired and provided the thumbnails used on these pages.

about Grant Wood, American Gothic (1930)
thoughts Philippe de Champaigne, Moses with the Table of the Law (1648)
photos Joseph Nicephore Niepce, View From the Window at Le Gras (1826) Reproduction by Helmut Gernsheim and Kodak Research Laboratory (1952)
projects M. M. Young, The Pavers (1924)
distractions Edvard Munch, The Scream (1893)